Push Ups / Get Hops Fast Workouts

Basic workouts like this will make you stronger and you will be more explosive!

Do 100 the first week, and steep it up to 250 , then 500, and finally 1000 .

To avoid rounding your spine and doing “banana back” push ups, try squeezing or "bracing" your core. Imagine that you're going to get punched in the belly. Naturally, you’ll flex to guard. Bracing reduces the risk of injury by enforcing a neutral spine and engages your core, making the push up of a full body exercise.

 One thing to make sure is  you have to  take your time to do it properly, even if it is hard at first you will get use to doing more than one. 

Your glutes are the one of biggest muscle groups in your body and often times the most inactive. By squeezing your glutes you will protect your lower back, improve posture, provide full body tension and help maintain a straight back.

A common mistake most people do  during push-ups is to flare your elbows wide - a mistake and can lead to shoulder and rotator cuff issues. Instead, pack your elbows in towards your sides, trying to have less space between your armpits. “Stack” your joints, with your hands under your elbows, and your elbows under your shoulders. This will improve long-term shoulder health and take your triceps and lats more. Having joints in line also creates better range of motion (ROM) in the shoulders and chest.

Instead of having your fingers together and pointing straight up, try this instead: Change your hand position so your thumbs are facing each other. Next open your fingers and grip the floor. This immediately creates more full body tension, tightens the lats and triceps and helps activate more upper back muscles. 

Instead of pushing yourself off the ground, think of pushing the floor away from you. This force production translates into full body tension and creates a bracing effect throughout the whole body. By pushing the ground away from you, you’ll use more muscles making the push up more of a full body exercise which can help your upper body strength as well as your glutes.

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You will see amazing results in no time...

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