3 Ways To Do A Lay-ups / Get Hops Fast

#1 Power Lay-ups

Some people like to do a dribble before they go up, a power layup is usually going up with both legs. The chances of you leg landing on someone else is greater than a regular layup. Therefore, the result could be a sprained ankle or worse if you land in a awkward position. The negative side to this layup is that it is slower and you have greater chances of someone flopping which could result in a charge. A positive side could be the most balance when in the air but when landing not so much or it could draw a foul easier.

 #2 Full Extension Lay-ups


In this kind of variation this requires a two step process. Using this lay-up a player needs to be able to extend their range of both arms and legs . As you go into you layup, make sure you step in with your right leg if driving in from the right, vice versa. This way you will have good footwork and wont look weird when when doing it. Also this can be made up to look like a euro step and on the first two steps you want to swing the ball in multi directions when going to the basket. A negative outcome of this can be getting blocked by taller players such as the post or a player could lose balance when driving . A positive to this move is the full on speed it gives you and the amazing floaters of tip on the ball when driving in this could give you a height advantage if you have a high vertical jump. If you do not have a high vertical you could check out my other posts on how you can achieve that.

#3 Creative Self Made Lay-up Finishes


These kind of moves require the player to use court vision and plan ahead , as a offensive player you need to be able to envision yourself doing what you need to succeed and actually go to the gym and put it in progress that way in a real game you get use to doing the moves you do in practice. Using this will have counters to prevent getting blocked.Having good footwork is essential and reading the defender is a necessity, along with vision you need speed, strength and accuracy.

If you try this, your routes will be expanded and you will have more options when it comes to the game of Basketball.

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3 kinds of layups

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