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Will Tucker was a inspirational 18 year old. He began his journey playing sports by the age of 5. He started out playing soccer . As he gotten more competitive he began trying out for club teams. One day he got cut from the U6 team. He was upset that he didn't make the team , but always looked up to older children and celebrities like Ronaldihno. Will went to school everyday to find himself getting better every day. He was a fanatic. He played everyday at recess with all of his friends. Will even played in 3 feet deep of snow that was how determined he was . This showed the amount of passion he had for sports. It shows how his passion can turn into something extraordinary. By the age of 10 he kept playing and tried hard in every game, and took it as a competitive sport. Everything he did was competitive and went all out on the opponent. Then came the sport basketball.
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